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Raving Psychosis Of A Digerati

Gaucherie Rantings

22 April 1981

80's metal, a perfect circle, adidas, anime, antichrist superstar, aphex twin, atari teenage riot, bagels, bass, black, black sabbath, blood, body art, bondage, boy hits car, brian warner, candles, centurion card, chevrolet, chris vrenna, cigarettes, cky, coke, computers, concerts, cowboy bebop, cunnilingis, dance dance revolution, dancing, dane cook, david bowie, dead can dance, deftones, demos, depeche mode, dj, dope, driving, driving around, earrings, evil, eyeliner, fight club, fire, franz ferdinand, german, getbackers, ghost in the shell, ghosts, girls under glass, godhead, guitar, guitars, happy noodle boy, hello kitty, him, humgwees, industrial, information, initial d, inuyasha, jack off jill, japan, jhonen vasquez, joy division, jthm, katanas, kmfdm, knives, knowledge, kraftwerk, laibach, lbv, love, macross, makeup, manga, marilyn manson, marlboro, maynard james keenan, mdfmk, metallica, mindless self indulgence, ministry, modest mouse, monster magnet, movies, mudvayne, music, night time, nine inch nails, nothing records, outkast, ozzy, pantera, pepsi, photography, photoshop, piercings, pigface, pretty hate machine, ramen, raves, reading, remixes, remixing, requiem for a dream, rings, rob zombie, sharpies, skateboarding, skinny puppy, slick idiot, smells like children, snowboarding, soul caliber, squee, stars, static x, stephen king, sushi, system of a down, tattoos, team take, techno, the crow, the cure, the dresden dolls, the faint, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the spooky kids, the white stripes, tim burton, tim skold, tool, tori amos, trent reznor, trigun, tweaker, twiggy ramirez, white pony, wishing, worcester, working, yer mom, your eyes